Prezentarea Graal Star : http://www.scribd.com/doc/30732741/


MIRAHORIAN: "Daca gandim in termeni de Vibratie, adica de Frecventa , de Informatie(in+forma) si de Energie [sa ne amintim ca in ultima instanta tot ce credem ca este materie, este o impachetare de fotoni, si ca materia este doar o forma potentiala, infasurata a energiei: E=mc² (unde E= energia; m= masa; c= viteza luminii la puterea a doua)], vom descoperi ca stiinta medicala a actualei civilizatii terestre se afla inca in faza primitiva in care apeleaza exclusiv la medicatie( remedii chimice), adica la vectorul material al energiei si informatiei terapeutice, menite sa controleze dezordinile psihosomatice (durere, anxietate, depresie, insomnie, presiune sanguina, febra, nivelul zaharului in sange..).

Pe Terra exista traditii mult mai avansate de tratare a maladiilor, care sunt neglijate in mod deliberat, fiindca nu aduc profit concernelor farmaceutice(factorul economic comanda politica de spalare a creierelor si de instruire unilaterala a viitoarelor cadre medicale). Ma gandesc doar la anestezia prin transa si la anestezia care utilizeaza punctele active de acupunctura(presopunctura, moxibustie) de pe suprafata corpului, venita in urma contactului cu alte civilizatii galactice, care au ajutat omenirea dupa cataclismul anterior.

If we think in terms of Energy[remember that matter is only a potential form, the implicate state of energy expressed in Einstein formula as E=mc² (where E is energy, m-mass, c-the speed of light ] , Vibration, Frequency and Information(in+form) we will discover that today's medical sciences use exclusively medication(chemical drugs) as a material vector of therapeutical energy and information to control psychosomatic disorders(pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia, blood pressure, fever, sugar level..).

"Cine va descifra secretele Florii Vietii- Shri Yantra, un simbol mai vechi de 12000 de ani, va descoperi toate secretele universului”

"Who will discover the secrets of Flower of Life-Shri Yantra, a symbol older then 12000 years, will know all the secrets of the Universe"

Is it too radical to suggest that the body and mind can be affected directly by M(morphogenetic) field as a vector of therapeutic information ? "

Din moment ce intregul univers manifestat, intreaga proiectie, pe care o numim realitate este proiectata din planul matricii informationale holografice, cu ajutorul campurilor morphogenetice, credeti ca este prea radical sa folosim, drept vector al informatiei terapeutice, acest camp ce controleaza materia si energia?

(vedeti si articolul despre energia vitala: Common errors on subtle vital energy Prana, Chi, Qi, Ki, Mana, Orgone:

http://www.scribd.com/doc/25663614/ ),

Acest site se refera la Stiinta si Tehnologia secreta a dispozitivelor morfogenetice de conversie a omniprezentei energii cosmice în energie vitala pt vindecare(Qi, Chi, Ki, Prana, Orgone; M-Field, camp de torsiune). Proiectarea si realizarea acestor dispozitive terapeutice revolutonare pentru repararea ADN, pt regenerare si vindecare a debutat cu analiza unor dispozitive si tehnici de conversie similare cunoscute civilizatiilor anterioare(tehnologia coroanelor regale sau imperiale, tehnologia simbolica a crucii, a sigiliului lui David), utilizate si de alte forme de viata sau ( plante, insecte sociale), care au accesat colectiv Banca de Date a Universului (de pilda: Rudraksha-fructul lui Dumnezeu). Am ilustrat cazul Shri Yantra( o manifestare a vibratiei celui mai sacru simbol al spiritualitatii hinduse mantra OM/AUM, scris in Devanagari sub forma:

de unde deriva celelalte simboluri sonore sacre folosite de indoeuropeni: AMEN, AMIN, AMAN.

Tehnologia Graal Star a fost folosita de civilizatiile anterioare pentru energizare si vindecare, pt transfer interdimensional, sub forma de piramidele in doua dimensiuni(2D) si trei dimensiuni(3D). Centrele de energie subtila (chakra; tan tian) sunt astfel de porti sau punti in plan subtil, care deja fac conexiunea intre planurile paralele (dimensiunile; armonicile) realitatii si permit existenta vietii. Oamenii au folosit in tehnologie( declansarea levitatiei) , in dansul ritual si in lupta(ninja) gesturile simbolice (Mudras; koji) si matricile generate de sunetele sacre(Mantra). Astazi geometria structurilor nanotehnologice ale fiintelor vii(plante, insecte) este studiata si aplicata in dispozitive de control al spatiului, timpului, in modularea interactiei cu campul gravitational si pt obtinerea invizibilitatii si pt extractia spatio-temporara. Exista o conexiune intre tehnologia Graal Star si generarea campurilor rotitoare tetraedale de lumina(Merkaba).

This site is about the Science and Technology of morphogenetic conversion devices of the allpresent cosmic energy [like:Shri Yantra, 2D & 3D Pyramids, Grail Star, Merkaba, Chakras, Mudras, Mantras-Sounds matrix nanotechnological structures of living beings(plants, insects)] into the vital Healing Energy (Qi, Chi, Ki, Prana; Orgone; M-Field, Torsion field); revolutionary therapeutic devices for DNA Repair, Regeneration and treatment;

A breakthrough in Medical Science and Technology for the treatment of the gross and subtle disorders of the material (all the psychosomatic functions ), energy and information bodies;

Its Applications: Healing, Anesthesia, Sleep induction, Weight Loss, Longevity, Indefinite Life Prolonging, Regeneration, DNA Repair, Beauty Care; Cosmetics, Growth control of tissues-Breast increase, Extension of Sensory Inputs (Seeing in other frequency domains, Energy Drugs, Orgasm; Intoxication; Pleasure activation), Technological Synchronization for Awakening, Centering, Alignment, Mind Control, Programming, Superlearning , Memory extension, Technological access to Supernatural Powers (Defensive field, Invulnerability, Invisibility, Levitation, Telepathic synchronization, Space-Time Travel, Teleportation; Fire Walking, Memory activation Knowledge of the Past and the Future,Remote Viewing, OBE, NDE), using new holographic projection devices of M(morphogenetic) field energy to control Space-time matrix; available short video clips for illustration(Qigong; qi projection; prana projection)"

Graal Star este utilizat singur sau ca un convertor in energie vitala ( qi, chi, ki ) de catre dispozitivul Qi Magen(http://qimagen.ning.com/), care in varianta actuala produce simultan impulsuri magnetice, acustice si morphogenetice. In imaginea de mai jos se observa imaginea biofotonilor din apa structurata si energizata( se observa o imagine similara cu cea a centrului energetic subtil al inimii -Anahata Chakra si cu Graal Star, desi s-au utilizat alte dispozitive mai slabe de structurare a apei: merkaba, piramide)

Prezentarea Graal Star : http://www.scribd.com/doc/30732741/









Terence McKenna and Rupert Sheldrake speak on Morphogenetic Field Theory


A connection between the Double Helix of DNA, Ankh, Caduceus, Tree of life, Chakra-Nadis System,Pyramids, Scalar Waves and M-Field

The Caduceus, Magic Wand of Mercury, Messenger of Gods an ancient symbol for the holographic manifestation of cosmic tree of life: There is a large central channel in DNA and also between the two serpents of Chakra System (Ida, Pingala): Sushumna the channel for Kundalini arising );


Conexiuni intre mantra OM, Shri Yantra si repararea ADN

Sound is the Primordial substance from which our whole Reality is made, and from which our Universe originated.

Whether you consult the Sanskrit Vedas, or the Bible, it is still Sound which is considered the heart of all existence. "In the beginning was the Word," and only afterwards was proclaimed, "Let there be light." Sound preceded all that we see. So powerful and all-pervasive, and yet we pay very little attention to it, and so often confuse it with noise.

Dr. Lawrence Blair has shown on a tonographer, that the AUM sound resonates the sand into mount Meru, the Shri Yantra, which is really the basis of life.

Dr. Lawrence Blair a aratat cu ajutorul unui tonograf ca sunetul celui mai inalt simbol spiritual hindus OM(AUM) genereaza forma Shri Yantra in nisipul sau apa care vibreaza



We are sound. Every cell is a mandala of sound, a unique signature of sound, which is from the original mandala, which is the AUM of Meru.


Mudras (gesturi cheie) reprezinta o cale antica de utilizare a campurilor morphogenetice pt. vindecarea maladiilor si pt.realizare spirituala;

Mudras(lit.: "sigilii", semne, gesturi simbolice) nu sunt legate numai de controlul circulatiei energiei, prin diferite meridiane de acupunctura , echivalente canalelor (nadis) si centrelor energetice subtile(chakra) din traditia hindusa si tibetana, ci si de structurile de forma, care emit campurile morphogenetice

Mudras an ancient way to use morphogenetic field for health and spiritual realization/

Mudras(seals, signs, symbolic gestures) represents an ancient way to use morphogenetic field for therapy, health and spiritual realization .Mudras are using field emission of forms in the same time with the control of the flow of energy in the acupuncture meridians(jing-luo system) or in the subtle channels of energy (nadis,chakra) Mudras can bring about miraculous change and improvement in our body. Mudras generate Powers to provide all round development of mind & body which brings peace and happiness. Mudras look like miraculous remedies. They provide instant relief in many illnesses. Mudras can cure almost any ailment from simple earache to heart attack. Mudras help in moulding the Physical, Mental and even the Moral aspects of the individual. Some Mudras can balance the elements of the body within 45 minutes ,while some are fast enough to act within a few seconds. Practice of some of the Mudra's regularly can cure Insomnia, Arthritis, improves memory. Mudras have extra ordinary powers, practice of mudras brings about a quick and fundamental reversions of the destructive changes in the human body. They also develop virtuousity, social amiability, non-violence, piety and courteous dispositions. All Godly and superhuman persons like Lord Mahavir, Gautam Buddha, Lord Shankaracharya and others used to remain in these Mudras. Mudra helps in Kundalini Yoga to awaken the Cosmic Energy and to unite consciousness of inner Supreme Soul. Mudras are significant and simple yogic function by which one can develop internal and external dispositions. Detailed description of Mudras are found in Tantra Shastra, Upasana Shastra, Nritya Shastra, Art of Sculpture etc

"Mudras an ancient way to use morphogenetic field for health therapy and spiritual realization"

Ganesha Mudra(To Overcome all Obstacles)

Kubera Mudra(For Achieving Your Goals)

Pushan Mudra(For seasickness)

Bronchial Mudras (For respiratory problems often also suffer from inner loneliness,, isolation, sexual problems, and sadness).

Asthma Mudra(For acute asthma attack, first do the Bronchial Mudra for 4 to 6 minutes. Then use this Asthma Mudra)

Prithivi Mudra (For energy deficit in the root chakra)

Pran Mudra(Reduces Fatigue & Improves vision; Energy Bank - Improves Vitality of the body & Eyesight)

Linga Mudra(For Clearing Of Lungs; Practice the Mudra and get rid of Frequent Cold, Congested Chest and Incurable Infections)

Apana Mudra(For Urinary and Liver Strenghtening; Provide relief in urinary problems; Facilitates discharge of waste material from the body. Cleanses & purifies the body )

Shankh Mudra(For Throat Problems)

Surabhi Mudra(For Rheumatism & Arthritis )

Jnana Mudra(Yogic Tranquilizer. Its practice ensures; Mental Peace,Concentration of the mind and Sharp Memory, Spiritual enhancement, creativity development )

Shunya Mudra(Hearing problems; the gateway to Heaven, purification, forgiveness truly opens up new gateways; Cures ear aches in just a few minutes).

Apan Vayu Mudra Mrit Sanjivini Mudra (First Aid For Heart attack) Suchi Mudra(For chronic Constipation)

Mushti Mudra(Activation of Stomach & Liver Energy)

Mahasirs Mudra(For Headaches, balances energy, tension-relieving effect, eliminates mucous congestion in the frontal sinuses)

Hakini Mudra(For Remembering, concentration)

Joint Mudra(Balancing energy in Joints)

Detoxification Mudra (For Detoxifing the Body)

Anjali Mudra(salut and veneration)

There is a connection with each chakra and Tattva; You can see the 25 Tattvas Diagram on :


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Top secret - Apa revitalizata si restructurata folosind Graal Star

Top secret - Apa revitalizata si restructurata folosind Graal Star
Top secret water -Revitalized and Structured Water using Holy Grail Star

Articolul incearca sa actualizeze cercetarile asupra revitalizarii si structurarii apei realizate de
Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig

Dr. Masaru Emoto

Dr. Johann Grander

Dr. Viktor Schauberger

Alexander Gurwitsch
The Importance of Water
On planet earth water is the single most important substance.

If you do not have water you do not have life.

It is the driving force behind all the various environments and ecosystems that make up our world.

It is the factor in regulating all weather systems.

It keeps the temperature of the earth stable.

It has the ability to clean, absorb, and transport any other substance.

In fact it is present everywhere and because of this we tend to forget about it's importance and take it for granted.

The human body contains 70-75% water, science now says it could be much higher.

At 10% loss dehydration sets in, at 20% loss death is usual.

It regulates our whole metabolism, millions of complex bio-chemical processes occurring every day.

It is not always the amount of water or even the purity that governs your health, it is the quality of the water. Thousands of years ago water had certain characteristics in respect to oxygen content, surface tension and solubility.

How close to this ideal water do you think your current drinking water is, if it is tap water, bottled water or treated by ozone, chlorine, fluoride, reverse osmosis, distilling.

How natural is the water once it has undergone all these different treatments?

These are man made treatments to simply try to kill all living things in the water or to filter out all things from the water, hardly a natural approach
Waters Problems Today and it's Effects on All Living Cells
Pollution causes water molecules to gather together in larger clusters than it would naturally, as the water "wraps up" (dissolves) the pollutant.

Even if the pollutant is filtered the water molecule cluster still remains in an unnaturally large cluster due to its lasting electromagnetic frequency influence on the water, this frequency keeps the water molecules in the same unnatural structure, as they were when the pollutant was present, despite its absence.

This is the pollution no one considers.

Water pollution comes in many forms, chemicals, farm run-off, Thermal, frictional and electromagnetic. Even methods or devices that we typically attribute with the removal of pollution from water are themselves contributors to water pollution on the molecular/frequency level.

Pollution saturates water with unnatural amounts of substances and electromagnetic influences, that all leave their influence in the form of frequency on water, reducing its capacity to dissolve and transport nutrients, food and oxygen and also to clean the cells within our bodies.

In the larger environment waterways no longer function as they should, because pollutants cause unbalancing of ecosystem nutrient and energy cycling.

As water becomes over polluted it can no longer clean or regenerate itself, it is simply too full of the frequency influence of pollution, causing larger than natural water molecule clusters.

If water cannot dissolve and transport oxygen effectively it can become anaerobic. If this occurs in any environment, it also may become anaerobic.

Top secret water 2005 part 1
Top secret water 2005 part 2
Disk for loading cosmic energy in the structure of water/Disc Fractalic pt incarcarea cu energie cosmica a apei

Vasilij Kaschirskij(Center for Physiological Security at the Institute for Strategic Research in Moscow): "The more we find from water the more we discover of ourselves";/Vasilij Kaschirskij :"Cu cat aflam mai mult despre apa cu atat ne descoperim pe noi insine";
Top secret water 2005 part 3

Rolf Marr:” scade tensiunea superficiala cu 17% la apa activata(dreapta) fata de apa de la robinet(stanga)

Apa energizata devine un solvent mai bun –se observa ca aceeasi cantitate de cerneala albastra coloreaza mai puternic apa de la robinet

Top secret water 2005 part 4
Vladimir K. Kondratov: “Amplificarea structurarii apei (asamblare in lanturi macromoleculare tot mai mari) creste capacitatea apei de a capta energie de la Soare si din cosmos”
Top secret water 2005 part 5
Mohorn, Wilhelm has invented a device for conveying damp or salts, e.g., to dry masonry(European Patent EP0688383) using pyramidal energy[see also:Oehme, Rainer invention:Installation for pyramidal energy(European Patent:EP0259769A)]

Mohorn, Wilhelm a inventat un dispozitiv pt.extragerea umezelii(igrasiei) din pereti cu ajutorul energiei piramidale[vedeti si Instalatia pt. extragerea energiei piramidale a lui al lui Oehme, Rainer
Top secret water 2005 part 6

Water is a crystal. A crystal is programmable just like an electronic mini-chip and has the ability to retain memory. Thus, water also has the ability to retain memory. Water responds to our thoughts, emotions and words like a conscious sentient being. Water also responds to the written word, photographs and music.

To some people these may seem like bold statements that are a little far from their reality ... however, all of these statements have been scientifically proven with ample research and documentation.

To demonstrate this, let us take a look at the research of Dr. David Schweitzer, Dr. Masaru Emoto and Dr. Johann Grander.

1. Dr. David Schweitzer

In 1996 Dr. David Schweitzer succeeded in photographing images of thoughts that had been impregnated in water. Thus, demonstrating that water was capable of acting as a liquid memory system that could store information. This made it possible to photographically research the impact of positive and negative thoughts on the fluids of the body.

In an interview in September 1997, (in the magazine “Shared Vision”) Dr. Schweitzer shares his experience ... quote

“The whole thing started out after having observed blood for over a decade and discovering that blood cells expressed themselves with a language based on sacred geometries, shape, and colour. I thought that, since blood cells were suspended in water, it might be possible to discover further details about water itself.” ... end quote

Dr. Schweitzer developed a fluorescent microscope using a light temperature of 732nm which presented the greatest probability of monitoring this somatide activity (particles of light) in water. He observed that these small light bodies could be directly influenced by positive and negative emotions ... however, they would respond with greater luminosity in the presence of positive thoughts.

The research of Dr. Schweitzer has also demonstrated an important increase in the luminosity of the Bio-Photon activity in water that has been subjected to a revitalization and restructuring process.

2. Dr. Masaru Emoto

Thanks to the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto we now have visual proof of the EXTERNAL structural organization of water and the potential to influence that structural organization through our intent. Dr. Emoto developed a method to freeze water samples and then photograph the resulting crystalline formation, using a microscope (x500 amplification). He tested waters from all over the planet originating from many different sources … such as lakes, river, glaciers, city water, bottled, distilled etc. Each of these samples revealed different levels of structural organization. However, he did not stop there ... Dr. Emoto took his testing to a new level. He exposed samples of water to different types of music and tested the resulting crystallization. Beethoven, Mozart, Bach all produced beautiful crystal formations. On the other hand, some of our popular rock music and heavy metal music … produced distorted, broken and negative reactions in the crystalline structure.
To take it a step further … he then took vials of water and placed various words on them … such as “Thank You”, “Love/Appreciation”, etc. … which again created beautiful crystal formations. On the other hand, words such as … “Dirty”, “Devil”, “Demon” … produced an ugly non-descript mass. He also exposed water samples to various pictures and prayer, with resulting structural organization taking place in the water.
This is truly a wonder to witness … and it provides many people in the alternate health area with positive feedback for their work. Dr. Emoto has published a book with full color pictures of these water crystals … called “Messages from Water” (Volume One) … which we highly recommend everyone to see. Dr. Mu Shik Jhon is another scientist who spent over 30 years researching Structured Water ... And we will look at his work under the next topic...“Structured Water and the Physical Body”.
Solfeggio Water

Dr. Johann Grander

GRANDER WATER REVITALIZING SYSTEM http://www.watercare.com.my/html/default.asp?p=421

We use the Grander technology in our water revitalizing system to produce the highest quality pure living water. It returns the drinking water to what it once was the “Wellspring of life” The “pure living water” goes through double process and 16 purification stages to give it more purity and better taste. It’s many times more effective in bacteria control as compared to any other traditional methods. It produces higher dissolved oxygen to provide more energy. The Grander Technology incorporates a device that transmits the natural frequencies of the earth’s magnetic field into the water. . The restoring of this natural information has the capacity to rectify the fundamental problems of our drinking water, and to restore the structure of water molecules damaged by pollution, addition of chemicals, processing and transmission in pipes. The Grander process changes the inner structure of water and returns the water molecules to a highly ordered state, making the water more stable. The Grander process involves a field effect generated by highly structured water ("information water") developed by Johann Grander. The information water passes structural information through its field to other liquids nearby. The water which passes near the information water takes on a new structure (is "revitalized").

Basic Functions of the Grander Water Revitalizing System

1. Remove all harmful frequencies emitted by pollutants and to reduce their negative impacts to our body.

2. To reduce the size of water molecules clusters thus enhancing their permeability into our body cell. l Increases the carrying capacity of metabolic waste from living cells hence improving its cleansing properties.

3. Control the growth of microorganisms within the water so that its shelf period is prolonged.

4. Increase the level of dissolved oxygen in water and accelerate the breakdown of biodegradable wastes.

5. Reduce the effect of free chlorine in water hence reducing skin irritation and protects our body’s immune system.

6. Reduce the unpleasant odors in water to make our food or drink taste even better.

7. Reduce the dirt in pipes, prolong the life-span of pipes.

8. Reduce the rust stain in culinary vessel, to make clean up easily.

9. The revitalized sewage water still have the ability to clean up, and make the sewers cleaner.

Links to Story of Johann Grander


The Grander Effect Improvement in water quality

The Grander process changes the inner structure of water and returns the water molecules to a highly ordered state, making the water more stable. How is the water revitalized? The Grander process involves a field effect generated by highly structured water ("information water") developed by Johann Grander. The precise method by which he produces "information water" is a trade secret. The information water passes structural information through its field to other liquids nearby. The water which passes near the information water takes on a new structure (is "revitalized"). Worldwide practical experience of using Grander Technology has confirmed Johann Grander´s assertion that this effect can be passed on to all waters. Key revitalized water properties are: Enhanced shelf life Enhanced solvent power Enhanced microbiological properties Enhanced shelf life: revitalized "Blue Water" is sold with an official shelf life of 4 years. The Blue Water is never subjected to any kind of disinfection during the bottling process. The water has been shown to remain pure regardless of storage conditions (e.g. temperature and light). These unique keeping properties are only possible through the Grander process. Enhanced solvent power: practical experience in thousands of applications has shown that the use of revitalized water enables the reduction in quantity of detergents whilst maintaining cleaning effects. This allows the clear conclusion to be drawn that revitalized water has more solvent power. Enhanced microbiological properties: Practical experience with industrial closed heating/cooling circuits demonstrates that when the water is revitalized using the Grander process it can be used for longer periods of time without losing its microbiological stability.

Pendant This pretty piece of jewelry is filled with pure, precious Grander Information Water and has a harmonizing effect on the body.

Energy rod

The energy rod is filled with Grander Information Water and has a revitalising and harmonizing effect on all beverages. The energy rod is suitable for use in glasses, cups and medium-sized jugs. The energy rod is filled with Grander Information Water and has a revitalising and harmonizing effect on all beverages To revitalise a beverage, simply stir several times (for about 20 seconds) with the rod; a change in taste is usually immediately noticeable.

Wooden energy boards The wooden energy boards contain a spiral copper tube, filled with Grander Information Water. Jugs of water, juices and alcoholic drinks and bowls of fruit all benefit from the revitalization effect. The boards are also effective in refrigerators to enhance vegetable freshness Wooden energy boards .The boards are also used adjacent to reverse osmosis water tanks. The energy boards are available in two sizes: 17x17 cm and 29x29 cm

Johann Grander - Water Revitalization


The Austrian naturalist Johann Grander developed a natural means to revitalize water. See also: http://www.watercure.com - http://www.oxygenamerica.com http://www.grander.com http://www.granderwater.com http://www.natural-technologies.com/default.htm http://www.grander.com.au/benefits.html http://www.harvesthaven.com/water/grander/grander.htm http://www.grander.com/en/medien/dvds.php Viktor Schauberger - Nature http://www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Viktor_Schauberger http://www.lauralee.com/index.cgi?pid=3016 - Audio Download: http://www.lauralee.com/audio/asf/120295.asf Book: Alick Bartholomew - Hidden Nature http://www.earthpulse.com/src/product.asp?productid=50 http://piazza.iae.nl/users/lightnet/world/grander/grander.ht ml (more) (less) http://www.grander.com.au/benefits.html

Grander - the waterwizard of Tirol - part 1

Johann Grander - a biography of an amazing person...Grander Johann water revitalization; granderwater http://www.harvesthaven.com/water/grander/grander.htm

The Austrian naturalist Johann Grander developed a natural means to revitalize water. http://youtube.com/watch?v=PIuCcJHcc4M

Grander - the waterwizard of Tirol part 2


Grander - the waterwizard of Tirol part 3


Grander - the waterwizard of Tirol part 4


Grander - the waterwizard of Tirol part 5


Grander practical applications-p1 description of the wide field of applications...Johann Grander water revitalization living energy


Grander practical applications-p2


Grander practical applications-p3 showing the wide field of practical applications...Johann Grander; water revitalization; living water; energy


Grander practical applications-p4


Grander practical applications-p5 showing the wide field of practical applications...Johann Grander; water revitalization; living


Grander practical applications-p6 Grander practical applications...Johann Grander water revitalization living


Grander practical applications-p7

Showing the wide range of applications...Johann Grander revitalized water living energy http://youtube.com/watch?v=IwSXZUM8wSE

Grander practical applications-p8

Showing the wide range of applications...Johann Grander revitalized water living energy http://youtube.com/watch?v=3l745V-Zxrg

Clear water for industry - part 1 industry 2007...


Clear water for industry - part 2


Clear water for industry - part 3


Grander practical applications-p4


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Morphogenetic Technology for Invisibility Cloak

Tehnologia Morphogenetica pentru realizarea Invizibilitatii



Tehnologia Morphogenetica la nivel nanostructural [metamateriale] conduce la modularea indicelui de refractie, la invizibilitate,la controlul interactiei gravitationale si la modularea matricii spatiu-timp

Ancient legends on Invisibility are true: Invisibility cloak rediscovered

This article can be seen on: Mirahorian : Hidden Knowledge-Breaking the Cultural Trance – Discover Stillness


Graal Star:


This article is an answer to the article that appeared today 20.10.2006 on YAHOO NEWS : http://uk.news.yahoo.com/20102006/356/don-t.html

(because is smth different from the invisibility screen that projects the image from behind) Acest articol este un raspuns la cel aparut azi(20.10.2006) la stiri stiintifice pe Yahoo

unde se vorbeste despre structuri nanotehnologice (metamateriale) care emit un camp (de plasmoni) care poate inversa(negativa) indicele de refractie, ceea ce conduce la realizarea invizibilitatii unui obiect in toate domeniile electromagnetice(microunde, radar,infrarosu..) dar si in domeniul sonic (detectia ultrasonica). Aceste structuri nanotehnologice arata ca un cablaj electronic (vedeti mai jos) si sunt numite metamateriale.De fapt aceasta tehnologie vizeaza interactia gravitationala si extractia din spatiul-timp local in vederea realizarii altor metode de a calatori in univers si pt. a realiza :casele zeilor (incinte ecranate la curgerea timpului-"Oul lui Paracelsus"). Se observa punerea in aplicare a invizibilitatii descoperite de insecte, botezata de savantul rus .Grebennicov CSE(CAVITY STRUCTURAL EFFECT). Cloaking Demonstrated

Our new publication in Science confirms a previous conjecture that it is possible

to cloak objects-at least over a narrow range of the electromagnetic spectrum.


Electromagnetic metamaterials are artificially structured composites that can be engineered to have desired electromagnetic properties, while having other advantageous material properties. In addition to their potential in practical applications and devices, metamaterials can offer unique and previously unexplored material properties.

Negative Index Materials
What are negative index materials? How do they work? All known naturally occurring materials possess positive refractive index. Metamaterials, however, can be designed to have a negative refractive index, and will thus bend light in a unique manner. Our group studies the fundamental properties of negative refraction, as well as practical applications for negative index metamaterials. More information can be found on:



Plasmonic Nanostructures
Metals at optical wavelengths have unusual properties because their dielectric constant can be negative. At the interface between two media having opposite signs of permittivity, surface plasmons can be excited that give metals a remarkable response to incident electromagnetic radiation. By engineering this response, we hope to develop nano-optic technology: optical elements not limited by the wavelength

Aceste structuri nanotehnologice care arata ca un cablaj electronic(vedeti mai jos) si sunt numite metamateriale vizeaza interactia gravitationala si extractia din spatiul-timp local (incinte concentrice-"Oul lui Paracelsus"). In imaginea de mai jos se observa punerea in aplicare a invizibilitatii descoperite de insecte (vedeti in stanga centru platforma invizibila care levita) care foloseste efectul botezat de savantul rus Viktor S. Grebennikov :CSE(CAVITY STRUCTURAL EFFECT).

Efectul de Structurare(spatio-temporala) exercitat de Cavitati ,forme (piramide, ADN) era cunoscut civilizatiilor antice

(THOTH , zeul stiintei si al magiei mai era numit si stapanul timpului)

Full English version of this text now is available at
("Flight" - V chapter from the book "MY WORLD" by Viktor S. Grebennikov )

See bigger image on:http://static.flickr.com/84/264402369_7dcf450dda_b.jpg

In imaginea de mai jos se vede ca piramida era simbolul pentru Dumnezeu pt. civilizatiile anterioare de pe Terra asa cum se afirma in textele civilizatiei Iarga



Simbolul antic al lui Dumnezeu PIRAMIDA TETRAEDRALA

Now you see it, now you don't!

Friday October 20, 11:59 AM

A British-led team of scientists has made the first big step into the future by creating a device which makes things invisible. The Star Trek-style "cloaking device" measures less than five inches across and only responds to radar waves. But within five years there might be devices powerful enough to make whole vehicles "vanish" - including battlefield tanks.

An invisibility cloak blueprint was produced in May by Professor Sir John Pendry, a physicist at Imperial College London. Just five months later, scientists working with him in the US have put the idea into practice. The concept involves bending visible light, or other forms of electromagnetic radiation such as radar, around the object being hidden. An observer looking at the cloaked object will see light deflected from behind, making it seem to disappear. Sir John said: "The previous paper was all theory, explaining how it could be done, but the real challenge was to make the unusual materials needed for a working device. "It's all been done in a time scale much shorter than I had envisaged. This cloaking device is just a demonstration showing that you can get radiation where you want it to be. "There's still some development to do, but I would have thought that in five years you'd be seeing some sort of practical realisation of this technology. "It's probably too heavy for aircraft, and making objects as big as buildings disappear might be difficult. But it would be ideal for hiding a tank." Publications, from 2006

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Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Conexiunea intre Rudraksha(Arborele Piramida-Lacrima lui Dumnezeu ori Samanta Sacra)si Generatoarele de Camp Morphogenetic(M-Field Generators) precum QI MAGEN STAR -GRAAL STAR

The Connection between Rudraksha(Pyramid tree-God's Tears or the Sacred Seed) and M-Field Generators as QI MAGEN STAR -GRAAL STAR

Brancusi the disciple of Rodin said:"When you are no longer a child you are already dead;When you cease to see the miracles which surround you at each step you are already blind"

Brancusi, discipolul lui Rodin spunea:"Cand nu mai esti copil esti deja mort;Cand nu mai vezi miracolele care te inconjoara la tot pasul, esti deja orb"


Samanta sacra Rudraksha contine in ea secretele intregii evolutii a universului si e cea mai puternica manifestare a fortei cosmice.
Rudraksha e considerata adesea un simbol al puntii dintre Pamant si Cer.

The seed of Rudraksha contains the secrets of entire evolution of the cosmos within it and is considered to be the most potent manifestation of the Cosmic Force. Rudraksha is often believed to symbolize the link between the earth and the heaven.

There are over 800 sites on "rudraksha" but only one which underlies its connection with M-FIELD PASSIVE AND ACTIVE GENERATORS LIKE SRI YANTRA,MUDRAS,MANTRAS,GRAIL STAR AND QI MAGEN STAR



Poate fi sacru un copac?/Can a Tree Be Sacred?

Folosite in Orient de milenii pt. a imbunatatii diferite sfere ale vietii,aceste nuci(bace) mari ale copacului lui Dumnezeu (Rudraksha) au o imensa putere transformatoare si importante calitati vindecatoare.
Textele sacre hinduse afirma ca aceste nuci(bace) sferice cu aspect de circumvolutiuni cerebrale,

apartinand unei plante fosile din vechiul continent Mu(vedeti raspandirea geografica:Java,insulele Solomon, Ceylon,India,Nepal) au capacitati miraculoase:cresc puterea mentala si imbunatatesc puterea fizica si bunastarea,indeparteaza obstacolele si karma negativa,contribuie la vindecarea maladiilor si aduc bogatie,succes si prosperitate

In conformitate cu scripturile hinduse margelele Rudraksha, pe langa faptul ca duc realizare spiritula si materiala pe cel care le poarta ,au si calitati vindecatoare sau medicinale

Eating rudraksha fruit pulp helps to cure mental illness and epilepsy. The ground up seeds stirred into water will cure common colds and reduce high blood pressure.There are many other curative powers in the fruit pulp and powdered seeds but none surpass the benefits provided by wearing rudraksha beads. These beads can:

Keep your blood pressure steady;Give strength to the heart ;Keep your body from getting too warm ;Calm mental disorder

Shiva Purana- “Nici un alt colier sau cununa cunoscuta in lume nu este asa de benefica ,de bun augur si de folositoare precum Rudraksha”/ “No other necklace or garland is observed in the world to be so auspicious and fruitful as the Rudraksha”

Padma Purana -“Prin purtarea Rudraksha un om este purificat de pacatele sale si devine extrem de plin de merite si virtuti”/ “By wearing Rudraksha a man becomes purifed from his sin and is extremely meritorious”
Desi aceste pretentii sau afirmatii pot parea unora fara acoperire,puterile lor sunt tangibile si au fost cu siguranta resimtite de cei ce le-au purtat,iar autoritatile medicale au confirmat proprietatile vindecatoare ale acestor margele, in cazul in care sunt autentice si benefice(exista numeroase falsuri realizate prin lipire si sculptare de canale iar nucile alterate,mancate de viermi sau deformate sunt interzise).

Se afirma ca Rudraksha inconjoara pe cel care le poarta cu puternice vibratii subtile care-i intaresc atat mintea cat si corpul, la fel ca si repetarea(japa) silabelor sacre (mantra) sau ca ritualul divin hindus (puja), ce face apel la apa,la flori, la clopot(gantha) si la betisoarele parfumate, care ard raspandind mirosul protector de santal.Sa ne amintim ca cel ce practica ritualul hindus(numit:pujari sau pujaka) apeleaza la gesturi simbolice(mudras) si traseaza in jurul sau un cerc mistic, care sa-l separe de lumea sensibila iluzorie(maya) si efemera si sa-l ajute sa recreeze legatura cu Dumnezeu

In timp ce Rudraksha sunt azi purtate traditional doar in Orient si numai de yoginii din India scripturile antice hinduse le recomandau tuturor oamenilor ,indiferent de rasa,cultura sau sex.

Asa cum vom vedea mai departe Rudraksha se afla in corespondenta cu diferite planete astrale in functie de numarul de fatete sau de santuri longitudinale ori de canale(in lb.skrt:”mukhi”) si pot indeparta influentele nefavorabile ale acestora.De pilda daca o persoana e afectata de Marte in harta astrala de la nastere Rudraksha cu trei fete poate ajuta fiindca se afla in corespondenta cu acea planeta

Semnificatia numelui Rudraksha:
Termenul “Rudraksha” deriva din combinatia a doua cuvinte sanskrite “RUDRA' si “AKSHA" (ori “AAKSHA"). Rudra is the unul dintre numele lui Shiva[ unul din cele trei aspecte sau forme de manifestare (trimurti) ale lui Brahman,Absolutul,tradus ca Dumnezeu ]

“Aksha” ...[desemneaza]... 'ochiul' iar “Aaksha” ...[desemneaza]... '” Lacrima “De aici denumirea de “ Lacrima lui Shiva.Rudraksha este considerata a fi cea mai puternica manifestare a Fortei Cosmice.

Dupa cum se poate afla consultand diferitele scripturi Vedice antice , legenda spune ca ochii lui Shiva dupa ce au perceput intreaga suferinta a umanitatii au dat nastere acestor lacrimi.Apoi lacrimile Atotputernicului au cazut pe pamand si au luat forma samantei arborelui Rudraksha,pastrand in ea intreaga evolutie a universului.

De aceea Rudraksha este obiect al veneratiei si de asemenea un mijloc de a ajunge la Eul superior. Rudraksha e considerata adesea un simbol al puntii dintre Pamant si Cer. Aceste margele sunt coaja lemnoasa(ca la nuca) in care se afla semintele arborelui Rudraksha ,care initial au fost acoperite de un strat carnos albastru ca la masline(vedeti imaginea).Arborele sacru Rudraksha are denumirea botanica: Elaeocarpus Ganitus Roxb iar denumirea in limba engleza este Utrasum bead tree(copacul care produce margele pt. matanii).

Denumiri stiintifice: Scientifically speaking, the botanical name of the Rudraksha plant is Elaeocarpus ganitrus Roxb, Elaeocarpus sphaericus,Utrasum bead tree of Elaeocarpaceae family;Elaeocarpus grandis F.Muell., Elaeocarpus angustifolius Blume,Ganitus sphaerica Gaertn,Elaeocarpus grandiflorus, Elaeocarpus bancroftii)
Denumiri populare:
Lily of the valley tree, Blue olive berry, Scrub ash, Ash Quandong, Fairy Petticoats, Native Olive, White Boree, Fringe Bells, Fairy Petticoats

Alte denumiri: Generally, Rudrakshas are placed under three major categories in accordance to the location of their availability. Rudraksha beads yielded in Nepal are termed as Rudrakshas, in India as Bhadrakshas and in Indonesia as Indrakshas.
Aria de raspandire: Arborii Rudraksha se gasesc in insulele din Sud estul Asiei ca:Java, Sumatra, Borneo, Bali, Iran, Java, Timor (Indonesia) si in unele parti din sudul Nepalului. Un procent de 70% din arborii Rudraksha se afla in Indonesia, 25% in Nepal si 5% in India. Considerat un important eliberator de stress, un remediu pt. problemele de circulatie sanguina si sursa celor mai bune margele de matanii bacele de Elaeocarpus Ganitrus au fost descoperte in Indonesia si azi sunt cultivate intens in Nepal .

Location area:Rudraksha trees are mostly found in South Eastern Asian Islands of Java, Sumatra, Borneo, Bali, Iran, Java, Timor (Indonesia) and parts of South Asian Kingdom of Nepal. Around 70% of the Rudraksha trees are found in Indonesia, 25% in Nepal and 5% in India. Considered a major stress reliever, reducing circulatory problems and of course as the best beads, the berry (Elaeocarpus Ganitrus) was first spotted in Indonesia and is now grown in Nepal.

Descriere:Exista canale sau santuri numite Mukhi(muchii) pe suprafata margelelor. Numarul de Mukhi de pe suprafata unei margele de Rudraksha ajuta in determinarea calitatilor sale.In functie de numarul de muchii( Mukhi) margelele de Rudraksha se impart diverse tipuri de la cele cu o singura fata pana la cele cu mai multe fete. Utilizarea margelelor de Rudraksha de catre asiatici e traditionala . Yogini si calugarii asiatici au descoperit ca simpla purtare a margelelor de Rudraksha le confera o uimitoare si imensa capacitate de calm,liniste,concentrare si ii ajuta sa mediteze pt. perioade indelungate cu rezultate spectaculoase in autocontrolul obtinut asupra mintii lor

Description:There are clefts(canale,santuri) called Mukhi(muchii) on the surface of the beads. The number of Mukhi on the surface of a Rudraksha beads helps in determining its quality. According to the number of Mukhi the Rudraksha bead ranges from single face to a several faced bead. Asians have used Rudraksha beads traditionally. Asian Yogis and Monks found that merely wearing the Rudraksha beads gave them astonishingly tremendous amount of tranquility, concentration that helped them meditate for a long period of time with spectacular control over their mind

1 GauriShanker mukhi table 1 ganesh mukhi 14 mukhi table 13 mukhi table

12 mukhi table 11 mukhi table 10 mukhi table 9 mukhi table

8 mukhi table 7 mukhi table 6 mukhi table 5 mukhi table

4mukhi table 3 mukhi table 2 muchi table 1 mukhi table

Rudraksha is very dear to lord Shiva and hence all the sins of a man get destroyed if he chants the name of Lord Shiva using a Rudraksha beads. He also attain salvation after his death. It is believed that the origin of Rudraksha is connected with Shiva penance.